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What is GeoCaching?

Geocaching is a mixture of high tech and the "great out-doors". This sport began in the early part of the century when GPS was finally freed from “Select Availability”. A container was hidden in Oregon “the cache” and was visited by Mike Teague. He then built a website to list locations of these caches and soon the fun began to grow. (see for the full story.

in a nut shell :

GeoCaching is receiving coordinates to an “cache” a container with a log book and sometimes trade items. When you get in the area of this container, one will use logic and cunning to discover where the person has hidden this container. Once found, they will sign the log, trade items if they desire and then replace the “cache” as found.

Forms of Caches

  • Traditional
    • Micro cache: this is a small cache consisting of a small container (such as a 35mm film canister) and a log book
    • Regular Cache: Rubbermaide container or ammo can sized cache, with trade items.
    • Multi Cache – Cache with 2 or more containers with coordinates to the final location
    • Puzzle Cache – same as a Multi only now you must solve a puzzle to find the final cache.
  • WayMarks: This is a version of Cacheing that combined “Earth Cache, Virtual Caches and Locationless Caches. Go to