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Updated: Tuesday August 12
Note: Miles are un-official until counting of all miles and penalties are recorded.


Distanc ID Owner trace Status

1048.4 Col Harvey PyromaniacsIII TB15AHP Green

1143.5 Trev's PATRIOT ACT Trevelyan's R&R TB11F37 Green

1145.6 The German Jetton WAWS TBHC6K Green

121.5 Admiral Inertial's Viper Inertial TBZB65 Green

1431.7 Winter Caching in the BraveHeart814 TB22VWE Green

16 MAGC 2008 - The 2Wheel'in TB153DM Green

1607.3 USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) jahoadi and john TB212YE Green

164.6 The Perissodactyla's BRTango TB21KTB Green

176.7 DS Wolverine jtbrady01 TB1RD05 Green

17904 MAGC steps into the Blue Rock Dropper TB1GRHW Green

182.8 #2 Kurt chip Left Coast TB1CGKM Green

2158.6 Add A Tag Little DC TB1F77G Green

2468.6 Hzoi's Blue Racing Trabi Hzoi TB209ZF Green

2475.5 Redbull 1/125 OIF MN Hunter TB20ZQY Green

2519.2 My Brother is a Dirty Leg Dogtulosba TB1D499 Green

26.5 Falcon's Racer Falcon Loader TB1F75R MIA

2650mi Virginia Maryland CalvertCachers TBGVCE Green

329 Snake Eyes Navarre TB18NAN Flagged

4767.1 F-15 Eagle Navarre TB15AFR Flagged

4882 The Pachyderm's BRTango TB21KT7 Green

584.2 AF OIF LancerKath TB1QYKZ Green

62.1 Hail to the Cheif UKTravel TB21B6T Green

627.6 Support Our Troops Hiltop Hiker TB1QWRZ Green

6897.1 MAGC Blue Angel 08 geohobs TB21Q2B Green

751 1SG (Ret). waorgany TB21K42 Green

81.2 The Guardian Travel Slug CGOhana TB22AR2 Green

889.6 AED Driver E Dude TB1F77H Green

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