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2008 MAGC Travel Bug Challenge
"Hail to the Chief"

Get your bugs ready for the 2008 MAGC Travel Bug Challenge. Things will be a bit different this year and hopefully more enjoyable for all.

What's in the name?

The name chosen for this year is in honor of the U.S. presidential Election though any MAGC member from any nation may run a bug.

Running Dates

  • Starting date is the weekend of Presidents Day - Saturday or Sunday is yet to be determined.
  • Final date is election day November 2008
  • 1st and fore most...This is for fun (and bragging rights) please keep it that way
  • Participants must be registered members of the MAGC. (the organization is open to non military... see ""who may join" on the "welcome page.
  • new this year... a single launch point for bugs has been determined. Launch will be at a cache event in the National Capital Region at a yet still classified location. (and no, Falcon Loader will take no bribes to give the location)

    Participating bugs shall be registered and sent to:
    Bug Challenge ICO Duke & Anne Clements 830 Birch Trail Crownsville MD 21032
    Do not log them into a cache as they will all be entered into the event cache so each bug has a common starting point.

  • Late Entrys
    Late entrys will be allowed, but they too must be sent to the listed address for a launch. (got to keep it fair)
  • If you enter a TB, you must enter swag to the Kitty
  • TBs must travel through "Natural Means"
    1. Once launched, the owner can not retrieve it and move it again
    2. It can only be moved once per cacher
    3. The TB may not travel via snail mail - unless via stargate. (owner may not request a "stargate")
    4. The Bugs can not be "handed off" in a TDY, PCS or vacation senario to gain miles.
    5. the Caches the bug travels through or is launched from MUST be an active cache not one pending activation or sitting archived/temporary down
  • As a participant, you may not hinder the progress of any other travel bug
  • The Bug Page must state that it is a participant in the the "Hail to the Chief" 08 bug challenge with a link back to the MAGC (a photo of the TB companion is not required, but is appreciated.)
  • Maximum 2 bugs per cacher username (family teams can be allowed extras for children with no username just specify as such)
  • To participate, you must donate... --> Each participant must offer up an item to award the winner (ok trek'n-with-2 the shirt is coming with me to New Orleans..)

    suggested items

  • Geo Coins
  • unit coins
  • swag
  • unregistered Travel Bugs
  • Path Tags

    "Other Service Ribbons"

    We discussed this time having "other intrest points given to they are.
  • Bug with the most legs" - how many times it changed hands/caches
  • "Bug with the longest leg"
  • MIA bug memorial
  • Bug visiting the most states/countries
  • Most discovered

    The Can of Beans Award

    In honor of the very first cache...this award will be given to the bug that just doesn't quite make it far...least distance.
    Register a bug | See the 08 Running |Prize Kitty | Challenge History